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There isn't one yet but I am deeply interested in starting one! For everyone running an affiliate out there, I have a list of questions about how things are going! I would greatly appreciate it some of you would take the time to answer the questions in an email to me. It's somewhat of an extensive list and i don't see a need to clog up the board.

1. Where did your affiliate start? Garage, park, gym, leased industrial?

2. How big is the current facility?

3. What was the equipment you started with?

4. How many clients did you start with? How many do ou currently have?

5. When did you reach a break even point between money invested and money returned?

6. What, if I can ask, is your profit margin?

7. Do you offer other services? Do you have other income streams?

8. What would you consider your areas of expertise?

9. How many trainers does your facility employ?

10. What are your marketing costs? Is all of your clientele Word-of-Mouth?

11. How long did it take for your business to grow?

12. What was the total time needed to bring the affiliate from concept to reality?

Thanks for all your help and patience everyone!!!
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