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Re: Total Knee Replacement

No experience with knees but have a total left hip and a resurfaced right hip. (47 years young male with extensive/various athletic background - overtrained/trained incorrectly for too many years - osteoarthritis caused my degenerative hip condition).

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical expert, just have metal in me.

My two cents: Get range of motion and when you are pain free and have good range of motion . . . work it again before loading. You cannot be patient enough with artificial joints. I was not a good patient for total hip (did way too much way too soon) . . . I paid dearly . . . penalty was my recovery. Best advice I got and practiced for right hip resurfacing was do half of what you feel you can do.

Good news - you can do some if not all CF protocols and maintain health/fitness.

P.M. if you want more, I kept a journal for both and would be happy to share my experience.
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