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Re: Scaling?

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
Scaling based on your bodyweight or the average bodyweight of a CFer wouldn't help a lot, because strength/conditioning and weight are not always correlated. I know plenty of people who weigh far less than me but can easily handle more weight in a metcon, and vice versa.

I'd say for a workout like the one you posted, if you're putting the bar down more than 1 time during the early sets of 10 then you've gone too heavy...maybe as many as 3 drops during rounds 4-7, but those should be quick drops to catch your breath then get right back on the bar. If you're going to err on the light side or the heavy side, you're better off erring light because you'll still get the desired conditioning effect and not risk getting hurt by doing lot of sloppy reps with bad form for time. If you finish and realize you've gone too light, then you know you can handle more weight next time a similar workout comes up.
I see your point, but getting a scaling suggestion based on your bodyweight would still be helpfull in being able to scale.

I mean the person who creates the WOD creates it with either himself or somebody else in mind when decisding how heavy the different lifts should be. It would clearly be helpfull to know how heavy the person is that the program is designed for, beacuse then I could just convert the weights to "x bodyweight" and scale according to my own bodyweight, although I would still have to adjust the weights according to my own strenght and weaknesses. It would just be easier to know somewhat how much you would have to scale. because there is no way escaping that for us lighter guys, lifting what is close to our own bodyweight or more will always be more work than for someone who is heavier.

Also the idea of having an "aim for time" was good.

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