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Re: My motivator.

Tabata Something Else:
(lowest rounds posted)

Pull Ups: 2
Push Ups: 7
Sits Ups: 8
Squats: --

Felt really weak today for some reason, even just starting out on the pull ups I could only get 10. Horrible at kipping so I don't even try, just a small leg kick.

Back was too sore for the squats and I didn't realize it until the first set. I went to squat and just about fell/froze in place. Still sore from Friday's back squat session I suppose.

5 minutes of jump rope afterwards... Double Under are driving me mad lately. I think it's just a matter of not being in the shape I was in before; I could push out 30 before my technique failed (hands would spread generally) and I'd trip myself up.

It's alright, I'll get there.

Need to set some time aside this week and practice Pose Running, hoping a WOD has a little bit of running incorporated into it (not too much running though!)
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