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Lynne - thanks for the reminder.

The link is safe/family friendly - I watch Craigslist for workout equipment, and this guy caught my eye @ $27 for a bench and 200 lbs of dumbells. Here's an excerpt:

This bench press is in fair condition: Most ideal for use in a yard, garage or prison workout area, (if outdoors or in a shed), This workout package would function best in an environment that is not in the house, unless your decor is heavy metal.

Not a display item, and not for those who are wanting a pretty bench press and a minty set of weights. This is a bench press, hard metal workout tools, all sold together. If you bump your foot into it its gonna hurt like hell and this thing won't budge just emit a thud. gobs of steel. lift 'em, get ripped. Bring yourself on your own unto Paradise.

This weight bench and weights looks like the sort of setup a dude might find himself with if over the course of a year or so he scored weights and a bench press just randomly out of people's yards by knocking on doors and asking people whenever he'd see wieghts in a yard, if he could have them.

There's a little more in that flavor at the link, offered because this community is looking more for functional instead of pretty, and I thought it captured that with humor.
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