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Re: Snatch problems

I tried to watch but struggled laying across my desk comfortbaly to get the correct viewing angle.
funny. I have no problem with this. (rotation, noted!)

Why are you sitting in the hole so long? The bar looks stable at the bottom yet on your second rep you camp out at the bottom for a while before standing up. All that's doing is wasting energy (unless you're trying to stabilize everything first). Secondly, the longer you sit down there, the harder it will be to stay tight, which will squatting it up that much harder.

As soon as you catch, stand up with it. If the bar begins moving slightly forward, compensate by taking steps forward.
Thank you! That's what happens when I land narrow, gotta balance everything, no stable base. Sure, I can walk it forward out of the hole.

I guess I should also note, these were AFTER 10rep squats, I usually snatch/C&J/pull et al - and squat last.
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