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Edward D. Friedman
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Thanks for your reply. I stand with my head bowed. Your questions alone point me in the right direction.

1.) No, I've been "working into" CrossFit WODs.
2.) No, 2.5 year old twin sons; Ergo, interupted, and inadequate sleep. I do use nightshades though (brand name "Buckys" I think,) which I love.
3.) Yes, sort of, more like 3 main meals with 2-3 snacks.
4.) Hmmm, I doubt it. I don't really make the effort to calculate. Plus, if I'm short on protein intake per lb/bw, under paleo would shakes be verbotten? does that mean just eat more meat, nuts or eggs ?
5.) Fortunately, I don't feel woozy after fruit. (I also eat many assorted frozen organic berries, Cascadian Farms, yum ! )

I will try to incorporate the suggestions implied by your questions over the next several weeks.

I guess I was hoping that I'd get some of the fat loss changes I was looking for through the Paleo Diet alone. That's what I was thinking when I posted initially. Guess I'll have to work in the CrossFit neuroendicrine aspects. BTW, is the "9 Hours DARK, from "Lights Out"?

Robb, thanks so much for the feedback.

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