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It is a good read.

However, one one hand he states that protein powders are too processed for use as an effective source of protein, and then immediately excludes his new whey isolate formula from this statement.

I think most isolates (as well as concentrates) undergo a microfiltration processes at low temperatures specifically to avoid degrading the amino acids and proteins. Whey concentrate typically has more of the important microfractions retained as well. I've seen a few certificates of analysis from various protein suppliers, and I never noticed the degradation he talks about.

I've had good results with the Warrior Diet, and not so good results with it.

Interestingly enough, it worked best when I ate fruit to stave off my hunger, worked worst when I fasted the entire day, and was somewhere in the middle when I would eat a protein snack or two.

The interview intrigued me enough to consider trying it again, with the small, frequent protein feedings he recommends, maybe 3-4 of them during the day.

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