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I wanted to glue the ends together too after heating the PVC but it's not gonna happen without really heating it up, almost to the point of melting (which you'd need if you are gonna weld the ends together) -- sounds dangerous as super-heated PVC gives off lots of poison.

As far as safety, I ran a thick chain through my PVC after it cooled, and that is what the straps are actually attached to (as opposed to attaching the strap directly to the PVC) -- so if the pvc cracks or fails in any way, the chain is really the thing holding me up, and that's rated to over 2000 lbs (as are the tie-down straps I use) -- I think the weak link in my setup is the pullup bar I hang the rings from is attached to the roof trusses using 2x4's and giant bolts. I think that if you hung enough weight in it, 1the 2x4 would split where it is attached to the other 2x6 truss using 1/2" bolts. I hope this is more support than I'll ever need. I can't do many swinging movements on it since it's close to the ceiling so I think I'm OK.
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