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"i'm curious to hear the remainder of your position on this though--that is, where in weightlifting programming you see the low bar squat's place."

My position is that since we don't squat as a competitive lift in OL, the squat is done because it makes you stronger. Stronger is better, and that should not require an explanation, even for the guys at the OTC. Low bar squats make you stronger for OL than high bar squats because you can squat more weight in a position that more closely applies to the positions encountered in OL. My position is that transferability is higher from low-bar squats than high-bar, and that front squats are already doing their job specific to the clean.

I'm curious about this: "so bottom line, the high bar, upright torso, quad-centric Oly squat i see as primarily intended for improving the squat segment of the clean (and the snatch to some extent), while pulls/deads address the pull more directly." Why does this explain the high-bar squats usefulness?
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