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I checked that out too. Im in Great Falls, MT where theres..........mostly nothing. lol. Im lucky theres an awesome golds gym here that has a running track surrounding the free weights, which helps with the WOD perfectly. Unfortunately, though, theres no Capoeira or gymnastics. Im more interested in the moves more than the portuguese, but I understand that they go hand in an important way, since most martial arts involve more that fighting and moves.

As far as finding someone who knows it, I would have to go door to door of every home until I find one. LMAO. Im very determined to learn some of the movements, but maybe not THAT desperate. Im mainly interested in tricky moves, kicks, flips, etc on the ground. I already know how to kick good, but as far as the dancing and other tricks in capoeira, Im very eager to learn.



By the way, did you get my email? For some reason my email service is down today.
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