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Re: 5 3 1 + metcons

Well, in very general terms, you want a pulling motion and a pressing motion to compliment your lifts.

So for Bench Press or Shoulder Press you could do:

For Deadlifts & Back Squat day you can use some variation of pulling motions and squatting.

So maybe:
3 rounds:
Front Squat 135x10
Row 500m

I'm totally just throwing a couple out there. There are infinite possibilities there. The goal of accessory work is to help with your main lifts. Adding them into the metcon just allows you to kill two birds with one stone. It really just depends on what you need more work on, what your weak points are, your knowledge level, recovery, etc.

You could also just do hill sprints, prowler, sled work, like Wendler recommends.

I personally don't like doing strength work on the same day as my metcon. I feel like I do a half hearted attempt at both if I do that. What works for you may be totally different. If you're not very knowledgeable/experienced in creating your own programming you might want to try and simplify things while you figure out what's going on. Perhaps something like Starting Strength with 2 days of interval runs or no conditioning. It depends on your goals.

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