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Re: 5 3 1 + metcons

I really like it. I basically do something similar to what you're suggesting. I can't say my conditioning has been increasing dramatically but my strength gains have been decent. And it's a fairly easy program to tweak since you can choose whatever assistance you wish. Sometimes we just choose a reasonable metcon for the assistance. Sometimes we just do the main lift and quit. Sometimes we do tons of assistance. It depends on your goals, recovery ability, etc. I feel like the metcons definitely get in the way of my strength gains, especially the more taxing ones. But keeping it to 2-3 fairly short ones per week seems to be sufficient.

I'm in Week 3 of 8th cycle
Bodyweight 185 to 199
SP: 120x10 to 157.5x6 (155x1 to 187.5x1)
DL: 265x10 to 350x8 (345x1 to 410x1)
BP: 170x12 to 230x10 (225x1 to 275x1)
BS: 225x8 to 330x6 (295x1 to 385x1)

Also new PR's:
Split Jerk 1x250
Clean 1x242.5
Weighted Ring Dip 1xbodyweight+100lbs
Behind the Neck Jerk 1x255
Push Press 1x225
Overhead Squat 1x225
Front Squat 20x175, 15x195, 1x285
500m Row 1:34
5k Row 20:34
Double Overhand Axle Deadlift: 245lbs
HSPU: 13 (after 400m run)

I've been satisfied with how it fits into a long term program. Low stress. Good variation.

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