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Re: Mark's improvements

Originally Posted by Mark Kosmowski View Post
If anyone is reading this, a verification of whether this would be considered CrossFit would be great. Thanks!
Crossfit isn't a type of workout, it's a mind set. It's trying your best to be good at all fitness domains (strength, power, endurance, etc), not just the ones you are good at or enjoy. Running a 5k is Crossfit. Climbing a mountain is Crossfit. Deadlifting is Crossfit. But picking just one of those to do day in and day out is not Crossfit.

You are working hard to lose unnecessary weight, and gain strength and endurance. That is exactly what you need to be doing, and yes, I'd say it is Crossfit.

Staring at Pukie in the face is part of hard training, but I'd advise avoiding him more often than not right now. You'll see him plenty later. For now, slow it down just a little bit so that you feel tired and maybe hear your stomach talking to you a little bit, but you don't need to be pushing yourself to the max yet.

Also, make sure you are giving yourself at least a day in-between hard pull up or push up workouts. For many who can knock out 20+ of each, they don't exhaust them as much. For you, it is closer to strength training and you will need longer to recover. If you are adding extra push ups throughout the day, don't go to failure. It's great to do them, but do something like sets of half what you can do. Then, next week add one or two reps to that. At that rate, it doesn't take long for your numbers to jump up.

More than anything else, you need discipline. If you are starting at the very bottom, you have a longer way to go. But if you keep it up, you will see some great numbers you will be proud of, and you will be much healthier for it. Keep up the great work, and don't get discouraged!
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