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Mark Kosmowski
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Mark's improvements

I'm planning to join an affiliate next month, but went to my local gym to try the WoD experience. I suck. I'm currently 35, male, 6' and 290 lbs.

I based today's workout on Cindy:

AMRAP in 10 minutes
attempt 1 pull-up
5 push-ups
10 sit-ups
15 BW squats

I failed in push-ups of second set. I got frustrated. Only reason I didn't storm out was that wife was there doing her elliptical. While standing around feeling sorry for myself a gym staff came by to show me how to use the assisted pull up machine (I had only made it to 90 degree elbows). So I was able to do 1 pull-up with 145 lb assistance and then 5 with 175 lb assistance.

For WoDs in the future, when I have a failure, should I take rest then keep going or is it fail and done?

For the rest of this month I think I might just do slow strength work with dumbbell bench press, dumbbell squats and assisted pull-ups until I can join the affiliate.

Well, at least with this abysmal performance, no one will think I'm exaggerating my abilities.
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