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Re: The Shed 'O Pain

Saturday 3-13-2010

So today was officially "Work What You Suck At" day...
Instead of doing Murph in the Mud (which it would have been b/c it is raining and muddy), I decided to actually embrace one of the CrossFit ideas: "constantly varied work while learning new skills associated with what you suck at". Yes I know that's not the exact quote, but it's what I decided to do today. I've done Murph three or four times this year, so decided to give it a break and not work on perfecting something I can already do. That's not CrossFit, that's vanity and avoidance behavior and pumping myself up by getting better at something I can already do. Yes it is nice to see the times for some workouts I can do getting better, but there's IMMENSE room for improvement in other areas, so that's what today was all about.

First I ate vegetables, yep I suck at eating vegetables. So I ate a bunch. Then, after a while, went out to the barn for some hard work.

five minutes of stretching and shoulder therapy, then...

five rounds of:
24 walking lunges (remember I am rehabbing a BHR hip)
10 overhead squats with 45# bar
{this is the first time I have worked walking lunges since surgery}
{surprisingly, and encouragingly, both knees actually touched the ground}
{the overhead squats felt like therapy and stretching for my shoulders}

twenty five muscle up attempts with the rings at different heights ranging from at nose level while standing on the ground to so high I had to leap for them. Each attempt included a ring dip. {the false grip is starting to feel 1% more comfortable, which means it still feels 99% gross, but now is not 100% completely alien}

twenty five toes to rings.
{this was the first time I had worked this exercise, and it was very difficult, my abs gave out first. on the last few I realized that tipping my head back while moving my feet forward helped initiate the rotation. I am still leary of doing situps, especially GHD situps b/c of the pressure it puts on my hips. these toes to rings or toes to bars feel like they will work my abs without imprisoning the hip}

Very happy to have gone out in the barn in the rain and worked things at which I suck.
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