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Re: Training a 65 year old with sciatic nerve issues

Have her spend the money on a good active release practicionner, or osteopath, rolfer, etc, whatever floats her boat, to resolve the sciatica issues first. Often times sciatica pain is an impingement of the sciatic nerve in the buttocks,piriformis muscle is often the guilty party ( somewhere around 20 % of folks have the sciatic nerve pass straight through the piriformis muscle ). Tight IT bands are big contributors also.Teach her some ilo tibial band stretches, and piriformis /glute stretches ( figure 4 type).
Adding contractions ( weight training) to an already compromised muscle group may not be the best route. Work on resolving the problem first then start with low rep CTG type BW stuff, see how it progress before adding any weight. Personally I'd go with the goal of using bodywork/stretches/ light activity (blood flow) to resolve sciatic issues, after that weight training may be appropriate.
Good luck, training family members can be a challenge without sciatic nerve issues!
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