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Training a 65 year old with sciatic nerve issues

My mother is 65 and lives in the middle of nowhere NM. She does NOT have easy access to a gym or workout partner when I'm not around.

She also has a lifelong history of sciatic nerve issues and arthrithis issues. About ten years ago, when she lived in the same city with me, I had her doing some basic strength work. Pretty standard stuff, heavy compound movements. Squats were OK. Deadlifts would usually leave her with back spasms on subsequent days - and that was a decade ago.

She is currently in good health, and does some plodding cardio a few times a week. She has expressed an interest in adding some strength work into her programming.

This is a bit of a challenge for me, normally I'd suggest the standard, big simple lifts. But:

- She doesn't have the necessary gear

- She doesn't have someone to ensure that she's doing the movements correctly. Things like squats are great, but could also be a recipe for injury in her circumstances.

- While I'm sure her back will improve with strength work, doing so without injuring it is a real challenge.

She's open to spending a little money to get her hands on some weight (probably light-med DBs) and is not adverse to working hard.
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