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Re: Iraq death

Sigh. The article honors a young man (Mark Daily) who gave his life in Iraq. The author (Christopher Hitchens) also engages in speculation about the causes of war, and (in my opinion) self-absorbed navel-gazing that makes him look like a fatuous *** compared to Mark.

I'm sorry, but the article violates our "no politics" policy in too many dimensions to continue discussion. It's regrettable, because Mark appears to have been a heck of a guy, with a kind and loving family. His story deserves to be better known, without the overlay of Mr. Hutchins choosing to inject his opinions and intersecting personal story.

I'm choosing to delete the actual link (I may change my mind later) and close this thread. Folks who can find another telling of Mark's story without the political overlay are welcome to post it.

Or, alternatively, Brandon, I urge you to post this story on the main page rest day comments.

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