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Alot the WOD's with weights revolve around the 21-15-9 rep approach involving two alternating exercises. sometimes just 1round for time, but usually for 3 rounds.

say for example: it was a 225 deadlift day/HSPU
for smaller crossfitters thats ALOT of volume at about 70% of my 1rm. Id probally be sore for a month lol.

For instance yesterday, i did 21-15-9 of bench press and pull ups. i did 135 bench (145 bodyweight) i managed to pull this off without much problem splitting it into 7-7-7, 5-5-5,3-3-3, however now today my chest and front delts are majorly sore. also i didnt really get winded doing the workout, i just got an incredible pump. which is a good thing to work because alot of the time after a tough wrestling match where im pushed to the max i feel like that.

I kinda feel like how i used to when i would do sets of 3x8. Now ive been under the impression since i read pavels book awhile ago that soreness is completely unneeded. But everyone always says go with the highest amount of weight you can complete the wod with. should i have gone lighter and then eased into this? im still new to crossfit.
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