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OK, here's how I got here. First I was looking for some plyometric routines and info for my daughters' summer training back in May. So, I Google and find, a site long abandoned by its master. It has some info and ads still active; one being DragonDoor. From there, I find Tyler Hass's Girevik Mag online (now PowerAthlete?). He has an interview with the guys from CrossFit North in Seattle. Having just been to Seattle in February (loved every rainy minute of it, especially downtown and Pike Place) I was curious as to how people up there train. Dave Werner mentioned Greg Glassman and the CrossFit site. So, I figure, why not just go to the site and see what this is all about. Afterall, I, as others have said, was looking for a new way to build fitness and keep in shape. At the time, I was addicted to spin class, going 2-3 times a week. I was also using machines to "tone" my physique. I was frustrated because no matter how hard I trained, I was not any stronger (powerful). I had tried BFL and several other routines, but all to no avail. CrossFit couldn't be any worse.
The thing about the site that had the biggest impact on me was I could not find the link to "join" the site and pay an annual subscription for the workout routines. I perused the message board for about a month; dabbled in the WOD's; watched the videos; tried the o-lifts; still could not find anything about fees. What gives? No such thing as a free lunch!!
Au contrere! It's all free. Subscribe to the CFJ if you'd like, but not required. Are they crazy?? Turns out maybe they are, but I subscribed anyway.
Now, having been a regular for 5 months and doing the WOD regularly for the same amount of time, I can see the gains. I can run a 5K (not since I was in my 20's), I can DL almost 1 1/2 times my bodyweight, I can bench press a decent weight (never benched in my life), and best of all, I'm off the machines (as I've read lift as much as you can with your own two hands standing on your own two feet).
My outlook has changed and I've tried to bring others to this site and its views. I've passed along what I learned to my students. As someone called it, it's viral in nature!!
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
//end ramble
p.s. Like Larry, I've taken 2 weeks off since starting. This is the first day back from my second break. We'll see how it goes from here.
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