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Re: Increasing the volume of your workout.

I say go for it. We can all speculate about the volume/intensity of what you're doing now, but only YOU know what you're capable of. Personally, I don't attend a Crossfit gym because I like and can handle higher volume than a 1 hour class. If you're not a pro athlete who depends on your performance for income, then I say "let it rip." Try experimenting with different volume/intensities and see what happens.

But you need to watch your body as your increasing your volume. You will have to eat more, and you will have to sleep more. One of the best indicators of over-training (or under-resting), is an elevated resting heart rate. If you can remember, take your heart rate every morning before you get out of bed. Then write it down in a notebook. If after a few weeks you see that heart rate increasing, then you're either training too much or not resting enough. If you can't get more sleep/rest, dial back the volume.

Are you training for a particular event? If so, read about periodization and "peaking" for a that event. If not, then just make sure you're programming some rest for your self. With all the being said, becoming "over-trained" sucks, and it can take some time to come back from. I grossly overtrained while in college and felt sick for a month, and then when I finally recovered, I had more ground to make up. So keep close tabs on your body, and have fun.
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