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I will have to look up the Bulgarian max because I don't know anything about it.

I like the max efforts or reps of the 5/3/1 because I feel you gain strength hitting that level of effort at ''heavy'' weights. But I also and seeing that one set seems short for me. I mean hitting say 325lbs squat for a single ME and hit say 3 reps is some real work for me.

But once it is over I wonder if doing sets there would build more. Or maybe I am not pushing for enough reps but at the time it sure feels like it. I am giving it all I have right then at there, but always wonder if I could have hit another set after I recovered.

Still though once a week on deads just is not enough for me to do well on my 5/3/1 days. I am thinking of a lighter but heavy session then my 5/3/1 on Monday or tues day and hit it hard on thursday which is my dead lift day.
It isn't really Bulgarian specific, but it means to hit the heaviest weight you can do without getting slow. Strong lifts only, no grinders. If you are grinding, you need to dial it back.