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Sorry my man, really hurts to hear.

I like your deads, mine have been lacking, I am doing 5/3/1 but once a week is no good for me, I feel I do better with at leasy twice a week to get good gains and to stay comfortable. (looking at Andrew for advice?)
I have had quite a bit of set back from going sumo to conventional, but I think the conventional is a better strength builder on paper. I am going to test it out. No matter what, I will pull more sumo than conv. but I am going to be working into Olympic lifting in the future and will be trying to arrange my business to that end. I am about 80lbs under my sumo for a double.

Additionally, I think you can deadlift more than once a week if you take a Bulgarian max as your guide to performance. I am no longer interested in grinding reps out. The Russian literature in me has brainwashed me and I refuse to push it to those levels anymore. Easy Strength and watching enough Klokov have me believing going as heavy as you can and still having solid speed are the way to go.

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