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Re: Kids Area

Our affiliate is on the lower level of a gymnastics facility. Two of the morning class times offer supervised child care upstairs in the gymnastics area. It is very popular. We have a lot of stay at home moms who work out at those times because of the free child care. My kids are 3 and 5, and I know from experience that it wouldn't work for me to have them in an unsupervised area if I was trying to do a WOD. They are at the gym with me a lot, but it's hard enough to do strength worksets or skill work if there isn't anyone to watch them...they just interrupt me every 5 minutes. In the middle of a WOD, I can imagine it would be quite irritating to other athletes to have children yelling for their mom or dad. I'm not sure how it is set up now, but at one point, I think the child care providers were all members who did a work-trade for some part of their gym membership.
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