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Re: Kids Area

We have a kids area and we have had more than one member choose us specifically for that reason. Our area is unsupervised. We tell every member that this is a "Kids waiting area" and they are responsible for their own kids. We only want kids that are old enough and mature enough to be left alone in there.

We have a TV/DVD with lots of movies, a whiteboard for them to draw on and too many toys and games for them to play with. We are explicit that once class starts the kids go in the play area and do not leave, except to go to the bathroom or when supervised by a parent, until class is over. This works very well for us. Sometimes it is chaotic and a parent has to interrupt a WOD to tend to their kid, but for them that minor inconvenience far outweighs getting a babysitter or even worse, not being able to participate in CF because of child care issues.

Our goal has always been to create a very family friendly community. It's great for the parents and it's great for the kids. I can't tell you the number of kids that have started imitating their parents based on just being in the box and observing what we do. Kids are always grabbing PVC and doing OHS or dropping down and doing burpees. Last night my 5 year-old put her feet up on a 12" box and did some inclined push-ups. We wouldn't have it any other way.
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