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Re: Progression on all fronts ?

Originally Posted by Dan Andrews View Post
Really ? Because according to Mark Rippetoe's chart i am
(Link is Work and family safe)

I weigh 170 so lets see

-My Bench Press is between intermediate and advanced

-My Shoulder Press is between Intermediate and advanced, much closer to intermediate though

- My Squat is Novice, but close to intermediate, as i noted.

- My deadlift is Intermediate

- And my power clean is novice but close to intermediate

Im pretty sure on average that makes me an Intermediate lifter, unless you have any evidence to support the idea that Mark Rippetoe is wrong.
Those are strength standards for barbell training. If you have not done a linear progression program before than chances are you are not an intermediate lifter which would simply be defined as someone who can no longer make progress from workout to workout but now must make weekly progression.

It's to your advantage to be in the novice stage as long as possible.

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