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Re: Progression on all fronts ?

Originally Posted by Dan Andrews View Post
I love the asinine comments some people make on these threads too. First off, i never said anything about a 400 squat, 500 deadlift, a 4 min mile, a 3xbw snatch. My goals are reasonable, there's nothing insane about a gymnast/CF'er wanting to be able to BS 300 pounds, or get under a 7 min mile. If I said i ONLY want to do gymnastics and ONLY wanted to be a good gymnast your opinion might be valid.

Yes I've spent quite a bit of time on Gymnastic bodies and looked it over and done some of their WOD's.

There's no need to try and spread your defeatist attitude, keep worthless comments to yourself.
ouch... guess the monitor growled at ya?

I'm just saying pick a couple goals and work towards those first so that they don't interfere with your outlying priorities.
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