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Re: Moving from cold and dry to hot and humid

I agree. I live in South Florida where 90F and 90% humidity is the norm. Time to acclimate, lots of fluids, and ease into it. Scale back the WOD's for 2-3 weeks. Your lungs aren't used to the amount of humidity in the air you breathe. Your body is used to sweat evaporating and cooling you; you can't do either as efficiently in the high heat/humidity. Lot's of fluids, water or 1/2 strength diluted "gatoraide-ish" drinks post WOD. It's not uncommon for me to lose between 2-4lbs in a single WOD, or from 4-7lbs during a 5 mile run. Hydrate, hydrate hydrate. Of course, I'm a meathead, I usually go to my affiliate for the 4:15 class, when it's hottest.
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