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Re: One man and his ACL

Was meant to be my last physio session today but knee cap issues means they'll keep me on a bit longer. Thumbs up for bike, rowing and wobble board, but for now squats, dynamic stuff and lunges are back out. Boo

7.30am - 4oz turkey breast, 2tbsp honey, 12 almonds
11am - 1oz turkey breast, 1 plum, 3 almonds
12.45pm - 150g tuna, 1tsp olive oil, 6 olives, 9 grapes, 1 tangerine, 1 plum
4pm - 1oz turkey breast, 1 plum, 3 almonds
9.15pm - 4oz steak, 18 grapes, 8 cherry tomatos, 1 plum, 15 almonds

10 x hip holds (lie down, bend knees, plant feet, tilt pelvis and raise it as far off the plinth as possible for 20 agonising seconds, call the physio a rude word and relax)

30 x straight leg raises (10 toes up, 10 toes out, 10 toes in)

10 x ham curls with resistance band

5 mins wobble board work

20 mins bike, lvl 8, 90-100rpm

WOD 090214 (ish)
100 pound upright rows, 10 reps
10 dips
7 rounds
time: 9:36

20 mins bike, lvl 7, 90-100rpm

Diet good, I get real hungry but when I feel hungry and check the time its snack/meal time so that's cool!
Physio fried my hamstrings, 1st bike session loosened them up, 2nd bike session finished them again.
Really enjoyed that WOD. Upright row because SDLHP's still not an option and dips because I have no rings. Dips unbroken for all rounds, wish I could say the same for upright rows!
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