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Re: One man and his ACL

My prayers to the CrossFit Idols for a WOD I could follow in some shape or form were largely ignored... so I dug through the archives and found one to have a go on. It was a major mental boost to do this one, however poorly, because it involved 90 lunges with dbells and a few weeks ago I couldn't do 1 with no weight added.

10am - 4 eggs, 1 wholemeal bap
1pm - 1 egg, 2 tbsp honey
6pm - 5oz venison, 1 wholemeal bap, 2.5 tsp peanut butter
8pm - 1oz venison, 9 grapes
11.30pm - 4oz fish, 18 grapes, 1 orange, 2tsp peanut butter

Rehab Work
5 x 10 second stands on wobble board
5 x 10 second 1 leg stands on small wobble board
5 x 10 dribbling ball around my planted 'bad' leg

Workout, including a WOD
20 minutes bike 95-105rpm (up to lvl 7 now)

AMRAP in 20 minutes
10 pull-ups (35kg assistant)
10 lunges (2 x 12.5kg dbells)
rounds: 9 + 4 pull-ups

20 minutes x-trainer 55-60rpm (lvl 7)

Diet has been ok so far - so long as I stick to the last 2 feeds then I'll have made another day, all the more impressive because I'm going round my mates house to watch the UFC tonight AND THERE WILL BE PIZZA. If I can make it through I may treat myself to a small cheat meal tomorrow.

very pleased with proprioception work on the wobbleboard - I found it easy to do and whereas a week ago I couldn't stand just on my operated leg for long, now I can dribble a ball around it with the other foot 10 times in a row no sweat. WOD was a crap score but a little victory because it showed me there is strength in the knee and the graft is obviously still there - must protect it but also work it.

Looking forward to the UFC tonight, not as many big name fighters as we've been used to in recent cards, but I think the match-ups are the best in a while. Itll be interesting to see how Sanchez handles the cut and Stevenson will be hungry to move up from gatekeeper status. Either way, I think its a big fight in terms of reshuffling the pecking order in the lightweight division.
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