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Re: One man and his ACL

Rest day today so just did some rehab and a bit of cardio.

8am - 4 eggs, 18 grapes, orange
10.30am - 1 egg, 1 small tangerine
12.45pm - 150g tuna, 5 jaffa cakes, 15 olives
4.30pm - 1 egg, 1 small tangerine
9.30pm - 4oz beef burger, 1 small wholemeal bap, 2 tsp peanut butter

Rehab Work
5 x 20 second wobble board
3 x 10 second wobble board alterated with standing on operated leg and dribbling a ball around it with the good leg

Gentle Cardio
20 minutes bike lvl 6, 85-105rpm
20 minutes x-trainer lvl 7 60-70rpm

Was buzzing all day today, not sure if its the sudden influx of fruit into my system or just being exercising again but I felt like King Kong! Held myself back from doing a proper workout today so raring to go for tomorrow. Hopefully the WOD is something I can follow roughly (tried a light deadlift - 60kg - and back of my knee really not ready for that yet), otherwise Ill look through the archives for something
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