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One man and his ACL

After more than 18 months of knee trouble and not being able to exercise without paying for it for a week afterwards, I eventually went to the Doctor... an MRI revealed I didn't have an ACL anymore so got in for surgery 12/12/08.

It'll be ten weeks on Friday and, after a slow start to my rehab because of excess scar tissue build-up stopping the patella gliding properly, good progress is being made. I'm a long way off full on CrossFit workouts but I can start working it harder now

Being a little overweight when I had the injury, being properly overweight when I had the surgery and having the surgery a week before Xmas has made for a very round Mark with the conditioning of Jabba the Hutt.

Physio has been ongoing from day 1 after surgery but my own training only started on 5th Feb and, til now, have been primarily long steady state cardio with no impact so not ideal but looking at it as "getting fit to get fit" and Im still getting past the achey stage!

Below are my own workouts at the gym - workouts with a hint of the CrossFit about them to follow - my physio workouts have been primarily balance and ROM based but today we hit hamstring strength and also did some dynamic side stepping and jumping onto the bad leg and jumping back off it. This was a big deal to me because it erased my doubts (atleast for now) that I wouldn't play Judo/rugby again because these side step movements used to leave me on the floor with my leg swollen and a sick feeling in my belly! It's all about the little victories.

5th Feb
2 rounds of the following with no rest...

10 mins bike - rd 1:4.13km; rd 2: 4.09km
5 mins UBB - rd 1: 1.3km; rd 2: 1.3km
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.37km; rd 2: 4.17km
5 mins grappler - rd 1: 2.76; rd 2: 2.15
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.19km; rd 2: 4.03km
5 mins rower - rd 1: 0.998km; rd 2: 1.009km

good sweat for an hour and a half, rowing was cack but more to do with focusing on keeping my kneecap pointing up instead of drifting outwards

8th Feb
2 rounds of the following with no rest...

10 mins bike - rd 1:5.65km; rd 2: 4.15km
5 mins UBB - rd 1: 1.4km; rd 2: 1.3km
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.54km; rd 2: 4.06km
5 mins grappler - rd 1: 2.58; rd 2: 1.7
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.32km; rd 2: 3.89km
5 mins rower - rd 1: 1.101km; rd 2: 1.086km

first round felt good but was breathing out my arse by round 2

12th Feb
2 rounds of the following with no rest...

10 mins bike - rd 1:4.61km; rd 2: 4.9km
5 mins UBB - rd 1: 1.8km; rd 2: 1.7km
10 mins bike - rd 1: 4.78km; rd 2: 4.26km
5 mins grappler - rd 1: 2.98; rd 2: 2.68

relatively abbreviated session because I fell asleep after work and could only do this before gym shut! Felt good and strong though

13th Feb
10 mins bike

25 x swiss ball wall squats
25 x 20kg plate curls
25 x 20kg plate presses
3 rounds (untimed but as little rest as possible)

10 mins bike

slightly more CrossFit and felt good - didn't time it because I wanted to focus on form on the swiss squats

14th Feb
5 minutes wobble board work
20 minutes bike

40kg upright rows x 10
Dips x 10
7 rounds (untimed)

20 minutes x-trainer

another workout with a CrossFit slant and my first 3-days-in-a-row for soooo long. Little victories

After this 3 in a row victory I was brought crashing back to earth with a few days off. This time, not because of a swollen knee that wouldn't work, but because every other muscle in my body had been reminded that they have to earn their keep!

I'll be back in the gym tomorrow, I'll see what the WOD is and see if I can adapt. If anyone has any suggestions of previous WODs or girls that would be appropriate for 10 weeks post-surgery they'd be gratefully received. Physio says so long as its not explosive and its close-chained then I can do it (if I stay sensible. That's a big freaking if!)

I need to shift the power belly that has been developing for the past couple years and seeing how the zone gets rave reviews, I bought the book today and will be pre-cooking my meals for tomorrow in a little while.
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