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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by James Riley View Post
Cool idea for thread, thanks.

Someone asked the same question I had in the other thread, and I donít think it was answered all the way; I would like to re-explore it from a different angle.

Here was the basic gist of the question:

1) Article says to use a starting weight 15-20% less then your current max. Why would I do that if I'm looking to max each week in 3's or 5's? Is it to lock in my form? I'm already familiar with heavy loads.

2) Assuming I do as I'm told and start with 20% less then current max, how many weeks should I take to ramp up to my current max?

Here was the answer:

No it's not a waste of time IMHO. I came into this program from Gant's Hybrid and got wrecked. Trust me RECOVERY IS KING when it comes to this program. Proceed with caution, because if you do this program correct it will lead to the town of PRs'ville, if you do it wrong you will get messed up.

So letís apply some math now. Say my 5RM for DL is 325. Taking 20% off for week one puts me at 265. Clearly not a new PR, but I can understand the reduced first week to help you prepare. But then how much are you going up per week? At 10 lbs per week it will take you the whole 6 week cycle to RETURN to your 5RM. Was that the authorís intent for the first six weeks of the program? Even at 20 lbs per week, it will be 4 weeks into the program before your seeing new PRs.
James, let's you jump straight in with your 3 or 5 rep maxes. You say they are already pretty developed. Let's also add a high rep set at a large percentage of that load and then hammer a short often heavy metcon. Do this four days a week.

What do you reckon your chances of getting a PB on anything the following week is going to be?

This program is not only about doing some lifting and keeping up the metcon. It's about developing strength and conditioning that will carry across to our CrossFit workouts. There is a significant workload and in order to hit each facet with the requisiste intensity we've found it's best to ramp into it.

So yeah, the aim of the first cycle is to achieve your existing 3 and 5 RM's whilst adapting to the other demands of the program.

Perhaps the prescription will seem conservative to some who pride themselves on being able to handle lots of abuse. By all means, hasten the process if you think you're tougher than that. But presenting a program to the world we'll take a slightly conservative approach so folks have a chance to see the measurable repeatable results that we've observed.

Cheers, kempie
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