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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
I am not a CFSB creator, but it would seem to me that they are trying to keep a rest day in between the high rep DL and BS. I would think that 20 reps squats and high rep DLs are going to wreak havoc on recovery more than anything else and thus should be preformed with adequate rest in between. You could try something like this?

Mon: ME BS, High rep Bench, metcon
Tues: ME + high rep DL
Weds: rest
Thurs: ME Bench, metcon
Fri: ME FS, high rep BS, metcon
Sat: ME + high rep Press, metcon
Sun: rest

that way all the high rep stuff that utilizes similar body parts are separated by at least one rest day? I guess this is pretty similar to what David is doing, just a little more spread out with the Bench.... maybe his is better though? Well at least it is tested. How is that working out David??

It's going great Robert. I just started but it seems to be working. I put the ME Bench & the high rep Bench on the same day as the BS, as oppose to seperating the ME and High reps for the Bench. Don't know how much difference it would make, of course, I'm probably only going to Bench once a week, so I do it all right on Monday.
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