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Camille Lore
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Applying Lights Out regionally

I just finished reading Lights Out which is a book that discusses how the use of artificial light has extended our days and messed with our hormones causing increased obesity, heart disease, cancer and other ailments. There were studies done showing that even a small amount of light shined on the back of someone's knee was enough to alter hormone production, and that the change in hormones has made us in the US out of balance and very ill.
Suggestions from the book are to get up near dawn, keep lights off at night and eat what is locally seasonally available.
My question is-I live in the Northeast US... so there would be virtually no fruits or vegetables available to me all winter. But.... if I lived in Florida, I would have more available to me and my days would be longer and warmer.
Can I just pretend I live in Florida and eat fruits and vegetables all winter? How does this theory of Lights Out apply to different parts of the country and world?
Any thoughts?
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