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Re: A Bears Tale

Originally Posted by Scott Jenkins View Post
6 pints in 90 minutes is no problem, this should be the qualifier for the games. If you puke your out and if you miss your shot and pull up for the minute your out. And just continue until 'Last Man Standing'. Shower then hit the town.

lie raj??? Not heard of that Ricky
Raj is an awesome game , you gotta try it. Youv got to be sumwer thats tolerant of shouting and noise lol.

So we play at the club. get teams of any number (we'r usually about 5 a side), get a couple pound off everyone,and someone go to bar and get a jug and fill it with as many shots as your money will afford (usually about 20-30 pounds worth), maybe add a breezer or 2 aswell, or a pint of cider.

Then you have 5 guys facing 5, and one team has a penny. They put there hands under the table and move the penny about. Then put all there closed fists on the table. Then the other team take turns guessing which hand DOESNT have the penny (you could guess which hand DOES have the penny, but then you've got 10hands to pik from and only 1 guess to get it right). If they guess it doesnt have the penny and it does, everyone on that team has to have a large shot.
Keep going until jug is gone, then play again, and again, and again.

Theres good and bad points, your team could win every jug, so you never drink. On the flip side you could lose (win) every jug and your team could drink all of them. Cheap night though.

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