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LOL, Dave

You should really try it, it's just plain old fun. I havent trained it seriously for a while but my best efort is 95 pounds(if my memory serves me right, my best efort in the two hand version is 176 at 164 body weight. I use a 6 foot standard bar. You will get used to the balancing prety quick I actualy. I really think that for doing singles it's even easier than a dumbell.

When this lift was contested (it was even part of the olimpics) people where lifting above body weight with it (with non-revolving bars). You will for sure be able to do more than half you two hand snatch. I believe some people have gone up to the 300 range in this lift (but dont quote me on that one).

The best info I have on it is in an old "Dino Files" that I got lying around somewher. If you want to give me an emal adress, of fax number I can get it to you.

Dam you made me want to lift. I'm gona give it a shot tonight to see how I'm doing and post back results later.

good luck
have fun
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