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Dan Silver
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As we have so many cops on this board who have, what I like to call, a "sense of humor," I thought I'd start a thread for us to list our best stories of criminal idiocy. Throw 'em up folks (it was either this or a word association thread, you should thank me, those are dumb).

Tonight's true account...

A seventeen year old robbery suspect (with a gun) is brought in and being kept, handcuffed to our juvenile bench. This bench is located right next to our report writing room. The suspect has been angrily demanding to know why he has been arrested since his initial detention. It's getting really annoying listening to him while I try to write the day's reports.

One of my coworkers walks past him. I hear the following:

Suspect- "Hey Officer, can I axe you something?"

Cop#1- "I don't even know why you're here, man."

Suspect- "Cuz I robbed somebody, anyways I wanted to know...."

We don't catch the smart ones.

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