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Re: How to stop butt wink end of squat?

Originally Posted by Ben Joven View Post
Thanks for the info!

In regards to mobility I have bad ankles from basketball, in regards to strength I can go 225x5 atg-but with a butt wink and spine curvature-I'm always driving through my heels...

Was doing "starting strength" for over a year, squatting three times a week and had my kid video tape my squat and noticed that once I'm passed parallel I got the butt wink.

I'm not even sure why this is bad, but from seeing video of myself it just seems like unnecessary stress on my lumbar.
Ben, good info, If you still have a video, post it in the Digital Coaching section and I can have a look. But as far as ATG squat, thats fine. But, to go that deep you are surrendering you lumbar curve to get there. That has the potential to cause back strain.

try this. Get in our squat stance, tighten your core/back, set your spine with that little curve in your back and tighten it as tight as you can. Ok DO NOT LET THAT GO AT THE BOTTOM. Squat slowly as far as you can WITH OUT losing that lumbar curve, knees out chest up ect. I bet you hit parallel, if you do, that is as deep as you need to go. that is the limit of you ''good''form.

Work that squat getting muscle memory. Also work getting your hips hams, quads, and hams more range of motion to get lower.

Like I said, the butt wink compromises you spine putting you in a position to strain it or pull it especially under load.
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