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Re: Competition bumper durability

Originally Posted by Sean McLeod View Post
I'm looking to purchasing some competition bumpers from mdusa since they are having their 4th of July sale. But I was reading up on some reviews and it seems a lot of people have had issues with the inserts becoming loose even if the bolts are tightened. Those reviews were a from a few ears ago though so I was wondering if the quality has gotten better. I also competed in a powerlifting meet two weeks ago and in the warm up room they had some competition bumpers and some of the inserts were completely blown out.

I don't plan on doing wods with these. They will be mainly used for Olympic lifting on a platform between 3 people.
I have the MDUSA bumpers and I have a couple weights w/ lose inserts. I've had my bumpers a year or so. It doesn't bother me that much. I only use mine for me and my wife in the garage, not heavy use at all.
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