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Re: 2014 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Jeff Railsback View Post
Maybe. If 3 min isn't an advantage, is 30 min an advantage?
Dude, really?

3min or 30min is 100% irrelevant, the point is that they were not able to strategize against these TBA events during their training or their Games execution strategy. These are the top Crossfit Athletes in the world, and the fact that these workouts weren't really hit during the SCHEDULED events really gave away what type of movements would be in the TBA workouts.

But no, I don't believe that it really matters how soon after the last event they find out. There's not enough time to actually do anything differently. They've already done 3.5days worth of work, gave the effort they gave in the events earlier today already, and have as many reps in front of them as they have, regardless of how they strategize right now. Whether they find out 20sec before they do the event or right after the closing of the last event, there's no real opportunity to strategize. All of the times are in for the first two heats in both events and the scores are still quite close together, so they know how fast they have to finish to get points on the board, so ultimately at this point, winning each event is still worth as much as it always is.

So yeah, the fact that they were intentionally sequestered in some way that you don't find to be perfectly secure doesn't honestly give them an advantage.

If anything, I'd venture that being in the last heat gives you a hell of a lot more advantage than knowing what the workout will be for 30 extra minutes. Being in the "fast heat" ensures you're up against the guys that will be going faster. So you're less apt to run into an issue where you win your heat and the NEXT entire heat beats your time. You know the pace to beat as it's happening, not trying to beat a future race in the present.
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