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Re: love your box?

The gym I trained at in Norcal wasn't a CFbox, more of one of those functional fitness gyms. That being said, you could basically do anything CF besides having a bunch of good bars and bumpers for the OlympicLifts besides sleds and what not for PowerLifting (like a Monolift)

Mainly I could do programming I believed in and anything else if need be, especially as they got some rowers again though I'd prefer to use my rings (they have oversized rings) and a manila rope. Also helps to have a pretty good knowledge base by the trainers.

While I love my friend's CF boxes, neither have platforms nor bumpers besides High-Temps and CF bars. One also has a gymnastics gym which is pretty cool though. Neither are knowledgeable enough in the OlympicLifting game though compared as to the gym I was going to.
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