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Reverse Grip Bench? Feedback appreciated, especially from Chris Mason

Recently I've been pondering about the viability of the Reverse Grip Bench Press. For a couple reasons such as:

- better carryover for gymnasts possibly?

- my left shoulder and elbow are workable but I'm watchful about them. Pronated strict pullups are not friendly (though neutral grip is fine even weighted) and my left elbow has been touch and go since I hyperextended it a few years ago

- I don't know if my bench press is great or ever has been. And really, it means nothing to me. I think it's a good movement but I will never care about competing it.

I did do a fair share of googling on it earlier tonight after playing with TurnedOutDumbbellBenchPress and doing just machine only on a smith machine (one machine at the gym isn't good for it as it required rotating the bar too much while the other machine doesn't go low enough to use for bench on it).

I am aware of the safety issue. Current Bench Press is around 200, 70x5 DB but was formerly a bit stalled@225 in August. BW is 185 now and was 165-170 then and should probably be 155-160 (I think).

Doing it with DB just seemed too light, useful as an assistance exercise. Doing it with barbell has the safety issue eventually.
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