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As previously mentioned, I found a 3,200 sq ft space in a light industrial warehouse exactly as I envision ed. The next step was getting approval from the local township to operate a fitness/athletic club out of it. So I went to the zoning office and got their approval within a matter of days. No problem there. They then directed me to the guy in charge of permits(uh!). To make a long story short, the building is currently housed as a warehouse with no occupancy - and would require a change of permit for occupancy. Dave Werner even warned me about this originally as he's going through the same mess. So now I'm looking at thousands of dollars out of my pocket for a licensed architect and any additions/changes that need to be made. That's not included the rest of the funds needed to start-up.

So just a BIG head's up to future affiliates out there looking to start a CrossFit facility out of warehouse-type space. Do your homework first before getting your hopes up!

Also something else to think about (not trying to scare people here just a few words of caution before going into debt)...As Dave W. CrossFit's first affiliate will tell you, it is just all the more reason to start small and work your way up to a bigger space (unless of course you see an opportunity you can pass up:-)). But honestly just something to think about when you come across this "perfect" warehouse space that you immediately fall in love and your mind races thinking of all the possibilities. Remember if its not permitted for occupancy - you may have a very long road ahead of you. Not to mention some hefty start-up costs before even opening that roll-up door for the first time.
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