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Re: Cheap Paleo Bulking

Nice find Todd.
Sounds logical to me, but what my concerns are how my body reacts to carbs. I was a paleo from march then did a "renegade diet". Because I felt I am not going in the right direction and I blamed the lack of carbs for it. Then I added carbs to my diet, 100g of carbs, PWO, white rice or white potato. The rest stayed Paleo.

An my gut did not like it. My digestion was not good and I also experienced bloating. That was like minutes after my meal. I ate like 400-500g of white potato and had to lie on the coach for a few. Now I can eat 200g of meat and 200g of cheese, topped with 150g kefir + 50g kajmak and I almost dont feel it in my stomach. When I sacked carbs, everything went back to normal very fast.

Now I've changed to LCHF aka keto with only eating healthy meat, fish, eggs, diary products, very few veggies, nuts and fruit. I've found some interesting debate (on another forum) and this is what is suggested there, so im giving it a go.

I also read some "latest" studies that carbs cause body inflammation and are a root to many problems. Thou, I did not go very deep into it, so I dont know if thats because of "any" carbs or just if there are too much of them.

So if, even by a minimum, carbs really do cause inflammation, I dont want them. I am not a pro athlete that wants to "win" no matter what. My goal in life is longevity and a productive life. I would rather sacrifice my performance now, than to loose a few years of my life.

I am still new to whole nutrition thing and learning, so everything I know now might be untrue, but there are just so many different advices, guides and diets out there that its almost impossible to know whats best, erm..not best, most HEALTHY.
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