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Justin Rawley
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I make no bones about the fact I am in terrible shape. After being injured 2.5 years ago, I have lost about 15 lbs of lean muscle mass and have gone from 11.5% bf to somewhere ~15% (I'm a 34 F by the way). I tried training w/kbs about a year ago, but that just made things worse. I used to do Oly-lifting and the erg machine religiously, but right now I can do neither. My question is, can I do/modify the crossfit program to meet my specific needs and still get some benefit? The injuries are shoulder subluxation - which I am in the process of trying to fix without surgery - and degeneration in two lumbar intervertebral discs. Has anyone else had either of these problems and recovered enough to train with the crossfit program?

I am in the tricky spot right now of being unacceptable to myself, yet having no recourse to change it.
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