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Wim Lokate
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Thank you guys, feels like stepping in a warm bad :bangin:
I know for sure that I will stick to the WOD's.
Today I started with the WOD from thuesday (400 m run followed by 10 barbell trusthers).
I substituted running for punching the heavy bag for 1,5 minutes because its not easy to take the weights all the way down (I train at the top off my house).

I thought that I would start with half the weight suggested, man, I couldnt even do that!!
So I started with 20 kilo's. At first I want to quit after 3 rounds but thats not me. I just finished all the 5 rounds, out off breath...
Are there realy people outthere who can manage the pricribed 60 kilo's?
Man, they are strong.
The warming-up went fine. I could do a lott off pull-ups.
Its more that I was out of breath after the whole session.
When you look at it on paper it seems nothing, but when you give it a try, man!
Its now 1 hour later and I feel great.
Better then after a traditional weighttraining routine. Then maybay you feel stronger but now I feel stronger and more energetic.

Thanks again for your respons. I know I will not stop again.
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