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Larry Lindenman
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Wim, welcome back. In truth, you do not have to do the CF warm-up prior to every WOD. It will not hurt you, because you are doing submaximal loads...if you could do 10 pullups, do sets of 3 in your warm-up. The more you do an exercise, the better you become, which leads to great ability to push intensity. The warm-up is practice, just like your martial arts practice. Every exercise we do is a skill, the warm-up lets you prefect that skill. I have practiced martial arts since 1980, I do the WODs as prescribed and still train. Todays WOD is warm-up to your 5 rep maximum, then do 5 sets at your 5 RM. You may not complete 5 reps in set 5...don't worry about it. The next time we do this workout, bump the weight up by 5 or so pounds. Again, good to see you back...comit for 6 months and your world will be changed.
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