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A long time ago 1-2 years I have started the WOD's. But then I stopped because I always have the need to try other routines because I think they are maybay better.
I am a male martial artist (46 years off age) and I want to train strength and endurance to supplement my martial arts training.
At last I have decided to start Crossfit again because I like the WOD's very much, its short, heavy and a good supplementary training for martial arts.
I try to train in the morning so when I have the time at night I can train martial arts.
Its a good way to start the day and it gives me a good feeling to know that I have traint already.

But I have a few questions.
1. The greatest problem with other routines was that you have to do the same exercises 2 times (or more) per week).
So after a few weeks I get bored.
I have read the Crossfit warming-up and I dont know if it is necassary to do them always before a WOD.
I try to train 5 days a week, I dont follow the exact rest days because I dont train on sundays for example.
So I start on monday and then I have 3 or 5 days when I have to do the same warming-up (meaning pull-ups, dips etc. everyday).
Do you think its good to do these exercises so often?

2. The WOD from today is 5 sets off 5 reps off squats.
Do you mean to do the warming-up and then doiing 5 sets off 5 reps off squats and then the workout is done?

3. Are there more martial artist outthere who use the WOD's to the letter and use it for supplementing their martial arts training?

Okay, thats all.
I think its good that I have tried other programms to. Now I know that Crossfit is the programm for me.
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